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A dark and brooding debut album from Pantsofdeath, with a sound that has been evolved and discovered over two years (and over a hundred tracks) of iOS music making.

Voicemail is an album written to explore some interrelated themes. The tracks Sexytime, Drunk Melancholy, Bad Energy, When Love Becomes a Hatecrime and Sunshine document the rise and fall of a brief but intense affair by my friend Dave, played out in front of the world on social media. Closely related are the tracks Voicemail, Sonofabitch and Tight Pants all of which deal with outpourings of impotent rage and pain. The remaining tracks involve the struggle with depression and recovery from it.

The album is dark throughout and there is an undercurrent of rage and aggression that flows just below the surface, however in typical Pantsofdeath style there is also a rich vein of dark humour and silliness woven into the fabric of the work. All recorded on a single ipad over two months frequently using lesser known and lesser used beat machines and synths. Programmed loops, 'live' performances and developing stochastic randomization all combine to make the finished product.


released January 25, 2014

00. An unexpected moment of joy progressive house / chillout
01. Sexytime(album version) electronica / EBM
02. Drunk melancholy EBM
03. Bad Energy EBM
04. When love becomes a hate crime electronica
05. Black Dog Dark Ambient / EBM
06. Voicemail Dark Ambient
07. Requiem for Stochastik electronica
08. Sunshine(Album edit) dark ambient
09. Tight Pants EBM
10. Seeing Clearer progressive house
11. Sonofabitch dark ambient / electronica
12. After the Tone electronica
13. Sunshine(dance mix).wav EBM/industrial

All Tracks Recorded Sept 2013 to Jan 2014 on a single iPad4
App Credits

After The Tone: WeJaam, ThumbJam, Arturia iSEM, Nanostudio, AudioMastering, Loopy
Seeing Clearer: Caustic, AudioMastering

Tight Pants: CubeSynth, Robotic Drums, DM1, Nanostudio, AudioMastering, Loopy

An Unexpected Moment of Joy: MoDrum, Mint.io, Sunrizer, Alchemy Mobile, Animoog, Bassline, Loopy, Nanostudio, AudioMastering

SexyTime: Alchemy Mobile, SeekBeats, Galilleo, WeJaam, DrumJam, Swoopster, AudioMastering

Sonofabitch: Nanostudio, Animoog, Alchemy Mobile, Poly, Different Drummer, Turnado, AudioMastering

When Love becomes a Hate Crime: Alchemy Mobile, Nanostudio, Robotic Drums, Stix, TH7, DrumJam, AudioMastering

Requiem for Stochastik: Nanostudio, StepPolyArp, Animoog, Alchemy Mobile, Different Drummer, WeJaam, Robotic Drums, TNR-e, Xynthesizr, AudioMastering

VoiceMail: Nave, Animoog, Chauliodus, iElectribe, DrumStudio, WOW Filter, Turnado, Loopy, Nanostudio, ChordPolyPad, AudioMastering

Bad Energy: Xenon Groove Synth, Magellan, Alchemy, EasyBeats, DrumJam, AudioReverb, WOW, Turnado, BS-16i, Thumbjam, Addictive, Loopy, AudioMastering

Drunk Melancholy: Drumjam, Thumbjam, iPolySix, PolyChordPad, Thor, Nanostudio, AudioMastering



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pantsofdeath Sydney, Australia

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